Your perfect Christmas… starts at Easland's Tree Farm.

Whether it's your first time cutting down a tree or have had the family tradition for years, we have thousands of trees to choose from.

Scotch Pine

White & Noway Pines

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Quality Christmas Trees

Cut your own or choose from a large variety of pre-cut trees.

White fir, also commonly called Concolor have good foliage color, good needle retention, and a pleasing shape and aroma. Concolor fir is an excellent ornamental tree.

Spruce & Balsam Firs

Long needled tree, soft to the touch. Beautiful when decorated. A long time favorite. The White & Norway pine have soft, flexible needles and is bluish-green in color.

Our hardiest  pine tree, the Scotch pine has been the backbone of Christmas tree growers for decades. It's boughs are full, strong, and will stay healthy for weeks after Christmas.

Concolor Fir
​ Pre-cut

 These trees offer short needles with excellent needle retention and a straight trunk. Great for people who like to hang lots of Christmas ornaments and want the nice smell of Christmas!

Keeping It Real

Each holiday season, you may find yourself with a choice: celebrate with a fresh, real tree, or one that is artificial plastic or aluminum. The best choice has always been the traditional and natural choice - a Real Christmas Tree.

  • Real Christmas Trees Benefit the Environment

  • ​Real Christmas Trees Are Renewable​

  • Real Christmas Trees Are Recyclable
  • Real Christmas Trees Help Preserve Green Spaces